Here’s How Filthy Your Cell Phone Really Is


Let’s face it, your phone is a breeding ground for germs. While social distancing, handwashing, and masks are the most important considerations in slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus, it's important to think about your dirty smartphone. And what is especially unsanitary is how close you put it to your face and mouth.

The CDC states that SARS-CoV-2 can remain viable on surfaces for hours to days. This is also true for common bacteria and germs that can spread influenza, food poisoning, and staph infections.

We all know that our phones are not only the dirtiest thing we'll likely touch each day, but that it's also the thing we touch most each day. A recent study suggests people touch their phones about 2,617 times a day.

It's clearly important to disinfect our phones but even with the novel coronavirus going around, many of us haven't cleaned our phones in weeks.

We have to balance the need to clean those devices with cleaning them safely. The wrong chemical wiped on a smartphone screen can damage the phone to the point you can't use it any longer.

What's the right way to clean those devices? Using a chemical-free technology such as Luma of course!

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