Luma Pro is expected to ship in January 2021

Meet Luma.

Kills 99.9%* of germs, bacteria and viruses.
Laboratory tested and certified.
Chemical-free, ozone-free and eco-friendly.
360 degree object disinfection
Ultra fast cleaning cycles
Proprietary UV-C reactor
2,210 cubic inches of capacity

We harness the power of light to make the world safe.

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Violux exists to give you peace of mind. We’re pioneering the world’s first smart UV-C light cleaning technology—empowering you to intimately know and trust the cleanliness of objects you frequently touch every day.

Because when you know the items around you are bacteria-free, you can enjoy the peace of clean.

Our team is growing. We’re looking for highly diverse, exceptionally talented and mission-driven people to join us.
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Our story is unique. If you’re interested in telling the world about our industry defining UV-C light cleaning technology, Let’s talk.
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